Peter Hyballa bei der Speaker Night in Berlin, präsentiert von Peter Lüder

Mastering ups and downs: Peter Hyballa talks about his experiences and learnings in his lectures.

Peter Hyballa is not only a football coach, but also an emotional speaker who inspires through his own experiences. In his talks, he shares his stories about the challenges he has overcome in life and how he has become stronger as a result.

As a professional football coach, he has experienced many ups and downs and learned from them that you can grow through difficult phases in life and how to take advantage of them. In his talks, he talks about his own experiences and how he learned to overcome obstacles and learn from defeats. His stories are authentic and inspiring and show that everyone, regardless of their professional or private background, can find new greatness through difficulties.

Peter Hyballa is an inspiring speaker who moves and carries away his audience. He shows that not only in professional football, but also in life, it is about more than just winning - it is about overcoming challenges and learning from them to become stronger.

Peter Hyballa is a trained speaker for this purpose and is constantly developing with theatre directors and well-known speakers. Whether in front of CEOs in large international companies, Speaker Nights, city councils or church congregations. Peter Hyballa speaks in German, Dutch and English.


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